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Are you missing Friday, yet?

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Are you missing Friday, yet?

Oh Friday, how I miss you!

Practicing #socialdistancing has made the days of the week run together. Wouldn't you agree? Normally on a Friday, one wouldn't mind the hustle and bustle of scurrying about the day, because of that sweet thought of knowing the weekend was near. Well, that sweet feeling has become a distant memory, since practicing safety with social distancing. 

Though it's been hard to bring normal day-to-day activities to a hault and strike a balance between binge watching, grubbin' and social media; exploring new hobbies has been a saving grace. As well as, getting creative with in-home exercise routines.

So, curious minds want to know how have you been keeping track of the days. Do you have a go-to method or strategy for keeping it all together during the week?


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